Beneath the Waves & Up in the Air: Our Activity Sheets

Our activity sheets are perfect for keeping kids busy in restaurants and cafes. Many of our clients find that keeping children occupied in restaurants is a great way of getting guests to spend longer dining in. A lot of restaurant owners will tell you that a child can make or break a family’s experience when dining out, this is completely true! We know it can be difficult finding ways of catering to both adults and kids, so we always strive to make our activities for children engaging, entertaining and educational.

How do we make them engaging, entertaining & educational?

Our talented design team create activities and puzzles that are fun, factual and stimulating. We often incorporate friendly & positive characters to aid this. In our standard activity sheets, children are given the opportunity to work with letters, numbers and puzzles to support their school learning.

All of our activity sheets are in line with key stage 1 & 2 learning principles. We conduct focus groups with teachers and their pupils to find out where we can improve and enhance the educational aspects of our activity sheets.

How to Buy

Head over to our online shop to purchase these activity sheets.

Activity sheets are sold in boxes of 500 and can be purchased individually or bundled with colouring pencils. Sheets are A4 in size and have 4 sides of activities to complete, both designs are included in one box. The colouring pencil bundle includes 500 packs of pencils. Pencils are in packs of 4 with Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

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