Christmas is Coming…

It is getting near to the end of November and all anyone is talking about is Christmas! However, if you haven’t created anything for children this festive time of year then why not look into doing it for next year?

How would kids packs benefit me during the Christmas season?

Any family with young children (which is the majority of diners in the UK) are more likely to go to a restaurant with festive decorations, a fun and interactive kids pack and a fully stocked bar, (for the adults of course!) A goods children’s activity pack is one thing that keeps families coming back for more.

What can I get in my kid’s packs?

It is totally up to you, you can get anything from a colouring book and pencils to a ‘create your own bauble’ with a design of your choice that the kids can then colour in as they like. You can also get little Christmas characters that they can cut out and hang on the tree, or how about a Santa hat? It is totally up to you, simply ask our team what you would like, and they will show you what we can do!

How do I contact you to talk about making my own pack?

You can either call us on 01753 655344, or email us at and someone will be in touch with you the same day. Alternately you can find us on Facebook or Twitter where you can ask us questions!

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