Focus Groups Assist in the Creation of Kids Activity Packs

Packme regularly have focus groups to assist us in the creation of our children’s activity bags and packs as kids really are the best critics!

Our packs are used within many different establishments, so when creating a bespoke kids pack, there are certain important factors to consider.

Firstly, activities within the packs need to hold the attention of children whilst they are waiting for their meals to be prepared and served. Packme put this to the test and often hold our focus groups within a restaurant setting, so we really can tell if our packs do their job.

Secondly, children normally finish eating before their parents so ideally the pack should have enough content to re-engage them for the remainder of their stay, including games and puzzles they can complete by themselves.

Again, this is something that Packme takes into consideration when designing and creating children’s activities by getting feedback from children within the focus group. Children are very honest and clear about the kids packs we test with them, telling us what they like and dislike and what they enjoy and don’t enjoy – after all this has to be the most important information we can get.  

Finally, all of the items we include in our packs carry the relevant CE markings and warnings, crayons are non-toxic and we don’t really recommend the use of felt tips. Our stickers are produced with semi-permanent adhesive which is something we do recommend, so that any that perhaps get stuck somewhere they shouldn’t, can easily be removed. Both restaurants and parents agree with our recommendations, we sometimes ask their opinions too!

Packme are experts at entertaining children, so if you would like us to create a fun, educational and engaging table top activity, children’s pack or kids activity bag, please get in touch.

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