Kids Activity Packs – Meet Our Family (1)

Introducing the Packme off the shelf range of children’s activity packs, there are nine amazing colourful designs available. The content of each pack is suitable for children 4yrs and up and has lots of games, puzzles and colouring to complete. Packs are in stock and available for next day delivery.

Rowena's Robots

What’s included?

  • Easy grip, multi-colour stacker crayon
  • Themed stickers
  • 12-page activity/colouring book
  • All packed in a printed recyclable bag

Who’s inside?

  • Rowena – Rowena is the inventor of Rowena’s Robots!  She is passionate about technology and mechanics. She has created many robots, including Zip, Blip and Bleep!
  • Slugton –  Slugton is the mischievous monster stealing and hiding Rowena’s robot parts! Many feel that Slugton is jealous of Rowena’s robot making prowess.
  • Zip – Zip is Rowena’s most recent creation. Unlike the other robots, Zip is a talented dancer, specialising in break dancing and bolt popping!
  • Rodney – Rodney is Rowena’s younger brother. He loves flying around with his jetpack made by Rowena. He spends a lot of his time hanging out at the comic shop, getting ice cream with friends and visiting the space port.
  • Professor Nutty – Professor Nutty is a little bit…Nutty. He too is a creator of sorts, however, his inventions have never quite matched up to Rowena’s.
  • Blip – Blip loves words! The first of Rowena’s creations, he can complete any word puzzle in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Bleep – Bleep loves numbers! Need a number equation solved? Bleep’s your guy!
  • Maxx – Maxx is Rowena’s alien pet. He often finds himself lonely and is looking to make some new friends.

How to buy

Packs are supplied in boxes of 100 bags, there are three different designs within each box.  Rowena’s Robots is included in our design mix No.1

For more information on this product or to place your order click here. Product Code: PM3102

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