Kids Activity Packs – Meet Our Family (2)

The second in the range of Packme children’s activity packs, featuring our uniquely designed characters. Merfolk of Atlantis is packed full of fun and educational activities to entertain children.

The Merefolk Of Atlantis

What’s included?

  • Easy grip, multi-colour stacker crayon
  • Themed stickers
  • 12-page activity/colouring book
  • All packed in a printed recyclable bag

Who’s inside?

  • Princess Athena – Princess Athena, daughter of King Triton, loves making new friends. She spends her free time roaming Atlantis in search of new Merfolk to adventure with.
  • Conch – Conch has a passion for collecting shells. He has wandered the depths of Atlantis and dreams of owning the largest Shell collection of all the Merfolk.
  • King Triton – King Triton is the ruler of Atlantis. Being King, it is his duty to defend and protect the Merfolk. The King is a keen artist, and spends most of his free time painting, he finds this therapeutic.
  • Argo the Sea Turtle – Argo the sea turtle spends much of his time with the Merfolk. He has 7 almost identical brothers and sisters! He enjoys using this to his advantage and tricking the Merfolk, whom struggle spotting the differences between them.
  • Tickles the Squid – Tickles is one of the most loved and cherished inhabitants of Atlantis. He keeps the Merfolk cheerful and amused with his witty sense of humour and tentacles made for tickling! Tickles loves solving brain teasers.
  • The Sea Hag – The Sea Hag is one of the oldest inhabitants of Atlantis, living there for over 189 years! At a young age she was revealed to have special abilities, eventually deemed MAGIC! She was outcast from the Merfolk due to her inability to use her magic for good. However, since the reign of King Triton, she has kept to herself. Many believe she is up to no good…
  • Delphi the Dolphin – Delphi is the only Dolphin in Atlantis. At times, she can appear quite shy, but it’s easy to say she has a heart of gold. She spends a lot of her time helping the Merfolk retrieve lost items.
  • Nails – Nails is the Sea Hag’s minion. He spends all of his time doing the deeds of the Sea Hag - which he does not enjoy one bit. You’ll find him playing Boxes in his free time, he finds this incredibly relaxing.

How to buy

Packs are supplied in boxes of 100 bags, there are three different designs within each box.  The Merfolk of Atlantis is included in our design mix No.1

For further information on this product or to place an order click here. Product Code: PM3102

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